6-9 month old baby tips

6-9 month old baby tips
Bnbies | 6-9 month old baby tips

Did you know?

At 6 months, your baby can eat anything except honey which should not be given until she is a year old.  


  • When asking a question, give lots of time for the answer. Count to 10 in your head. If no answer comes, then answer the question yourself. Try an easier question the next time.
  • Say your baby’s name as much as possible. She will look to see who is saying it and will try to reach out to the person.
  • Never speak or sing too loudly, as this may scare babies.
  • Smile as much as possible and provide your baby with comfort and trust.
  • Give your child clean, safe and colourful things, such as a wooden spoon or plastic bowl, to reach for and touch, or bang and drop.
  • Make simple picture books, puzzles, hand puppets and dolls to develop your baby's curiosity and help him learn new things. To make a simple puzzle, just glue a picture on a piece of cardboard or other material and cut out the sections.
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